107bhp Renault Zoe R110 through to the show at the Geneva motor show

Renault is launching a new version of its Zoe electric hatchback with 107bhp at the Geneva auto salon in March.

A source told Autocar that the Zoe R110, as it is called, would form in place of the current R90 with 16bhp more of its Z. E.-40 battery-powered electric motor, although the Auto focus will stay the same, and so is not a sportier than the normal version.

The R110 will be available cuts in both Dynamique Nav and signature Nav, but not the entry-level Expression, in contrast to the current R90 variant that is offered with all three. This means, the R110 that will get 16in wheels, hands-free card and automatic headlights and wipers as standard.

456bhp Renault Zoe e-sports driven flat-out on the track

Renault is not yet Zoe on the comment’s Geneva arrival, and so it is not yet known whether there have been changes to the car-battery field. The current model is capable of 250 km according to the NEDC test.

The prices for the R110 expected to slightly increase to the equivalent of R90. The R90 Dynamic Nav starts from £18,170, including the government’s £4500 EV car grant.

Renault boosted Zoe will come to a time when the model, launched in 2012, continued to grow in popularity. European sales amounted to 30,134 last year, an increase of 8894 the years.

This reflects a trend in the electric car segment. The sales of electric cars in the UK rose last year to 13,500 EVs sold in the year 2017. Electrified cars, including hybrids, has increased the demand of 34.8% from 2016 onwards.

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