The white house intends to unveil a “Memorandum Nunes”, despite the objections of the FBI

According to Adam Schiff, Devin Nunez was sent to the White house corrected version of the Memorandum, not the text on which the vote was taken

According to one White house staff, the decision regarding publikatsii “Memorandum Nunes” Congress probably will know on Friday. Recall that we are talking about a classified document reflecting the alleged bias of the FBI against the President of the trump.

It is noted that the publication of the document may lead to confrontation between the White house and the primary law enforcement Agency in the country.

On Thursday, the Association of FBI agents made a statement, which expressed gratitude to the Director of the FBI to Christopher ray for what he “stands shoulder to shoulder with the men and women serving in the FBI, as we work together, protecting our country from criminal threats and threats to national security.”

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