The Prince backwater in Kiev skirmish

On the street Knyazhiy Zaton on the night of February 5 shot. There are victims, at the scene of the incident called the police, she understands what happened.

According to the Kyiv public Prompt, the following happened. From the yard went to BMW, the car was two people. The unknown man didn’t like the way they rode, and he kicked the car. The guys in the car made the remark.

There was a verbal altercation, then a fight, and after 20-30 seconds heard the sound of gunfire (both sides). “And, having hit about the car, the wounded man disappeared into one of the entrances,“ – said the source.

In turn, the Informant handed version of one of the victims: “I from in trauma shot three people. Wounded right leg and ran away.“

From further hospitalization, he refused.

On the scene came two ambulances, an investigator and several units of the patrol police. Militiamen find out the details.


According to police, three unidentified men approached the father with the son, began to cling and the feet pounding on the car. A fight ensued, during which one of the intruders fired several shots. After that, the criminals from the scene disappeared. Victims assisted by without hospitalisation (wounds in the legs and abdomen).

Recall, January 26, Obolon was shot in the leg the man protecting the conductor from the young bullies.