Margaret Atwood: men need a new rule book

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It should be said, a new etiquette guide in light of the recent sexual harassment scandal, Canadian writer Margaret Atwood.

Atwood – faced, the behavior of a Twitter storm after writing a column on the Me-Too motion-proposed that men be required, advice.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s The world at One, she said: “personal conduct” had to be tackled.

The story of the servant author said: “normal people” needed the advice.

She stood in front of a backlash after the hearing, the impact of the ‘Me Too’, which was inspired by the allegations against Harvey Weinstein and others in Hollywood.

In her first broadcast interview since you repeated your view that such a movement is a “symptom of something wrong,” but “it is not the goal”.
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“There are some things we are going to fix, I would say, in three areas,” said the Canadian writer. “One of them will be stations on the court. Including large institutions and companies. And one of them is his personal behavior.

“In the past, there was a lot of etiquette books on how to behave. These seem to have gone out the window.

“We are bombarded with them in the 50s. So, where is the manners of the Lord? It is a Mr manners column – how ” what do you do if…?’.

“I think it can help people to understand what might be expected of them, behavior in the Department.”

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She added, she spoke about the rapist, saying: “We are only talking about very normal people who think they are on a date.”

Asked what should be said in a modern manual, Atwood: “I think we should deal with younger people. I am 78.

“So in the 50s there were a lot of these problems, we don’t have. One of the reasons they have been less that the pill hadn’t come.

“If ever, come together, all of a sudden, because they could – they were to be expected. Whereas previously, they were not to expect like you might be pregnant.”‘Attracting controversy since 1972’

Atwood said that in the 1960s, “the pill and the tights and mini skirts, everything arrived on the scene at once, and it was a different era”, followed by “full steam ahead” in the 70s, and the game room in the 80s.

“Right now, we steam full ahead and the game happens at the same time,” she added.

You said that you work for Me “as a tool or as a weapon under certain circumstances” – in the entertainment industry and politics.

Based on the game against you, Atwood said she was worried that it was “pretty standard” for “who says something like that, except,” I believe that everything a woman says’.”

“I think it’s pretty dangerous, she added in accordance infallibility to any group – including men, of the popes and the women,” she said.

Asked whether the success of the TV adaptation of The story of the servant that My views on the controversy, provides seen Atwood has a feminist guru, that your views put under the microscope so closely, she added: “since 1972.”

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