Baby with congenital immunodeficiency urgently need help

The life of little Sasha Horn, who is only a year and eight months, under threat due to a rare and dangerous genetic disease – congenital immunodeficiency (kostman’s syndrome). This disease is found only in one of 5 million people. Bone marrow Sasha does not produce cells that are responsible for fighting infections. A third baby has spent in hospitals. In the last six months, he underwent two complicated surgery, and four times he was under General anesthesia.

Sasha needs bone marrow transplantation from an unrelated donor, which is impossible in Ukraine. In terms of absolute prepayment kid ready to take clinic of Verona (Italy).

The cost of treatment will amount to 140 thousand euros 120 thousand euros of this amount have on the transplantation and another 20 thousand euros for the rehabilitation period in Italy, with duration 10 months. Pay this amount for the boy’s family can not. Parents are asked about any help.

To help the little sachets you can, donating money to PrivatBank card:


Map: 4149437862169800 (Alexander Horn), or a map of Alfa-Bank: 5168001003019986

Recipient: mom Perepelitsa-Horn Anna.

For transfers from other cards:

For international recharges

More detailed information can be found in the group help the child.