The energy firm Ovo sides of the probe by the regulator

In the united KINGDOM, the energy regulator is to wonder if Ovo Energy has given inaccurate information to its customers more than the amount of energy they have used.

Ofgem has said that he would study the estimates Ovo has given to its customers on energy use during the winter of 2016-17.

The regulator said incorrect consumption figures could lead to customers receiving fake tickets.

Ovo Energy, said: “We have a lot of experience in customer service and are always open to ways to improve it.”

Ovo is one of the united KINGDOM, the small energy companies seeking to take on the dominance of the “big six” energy companies.

The company was founded in 2009, and currently has about 800 000 customers.

In a statement, Ofgem said: “The investigation will determine whether Ovo Energy violated the conditions of licence relating to provide its customers with information on fuel consumption, specific, or based on the best estimate, complete, and not misleading.

“Incorrect consumption figures can lead to customers receiving invoices to be inaccurate, the annual reports and other important information.

“This can lead to customers being unable to properly manage their accounts and decide whether to switch based on inaccurate information.”

Ofgem added that the opening of the investigation did “not imply that we have made findings in respect of the non-compliance by Ovo Energy”.