“Memorandum Nunes”: what Republicans accused the FBI?

“Voice of America” published a translation of excerpts from the controversial document

The former head of the FBI, James Comey commented on the decision of the President of trump to declassify the so-called “Memorandum Nunes”. The four-page document prepared by Republicans on the congressional Committee on intelligence, argues that the us intelligence officers are prejudiced against the President, and the investigation of possible contacts of representatives of the election headquarters of the trump of Moscow is politically motivated.

“Is that all?», – wrote in his “Twitter» the former head of the FBI.

“False and misleading (the public) to mislead the Memorandum made the split in the congressional Committee on intelligence, has undermined the relationship with the FISA court and unforgivable revealed details of a secret investigation against an American citizen. What for?”–asked question, James Comey.

A special statement was made by the Democrats in the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives.

“The document, prepared by the Republicans, it is wrong interpreterpath extremely sensitive classified information, which were introduced only a few members of Congress – said in a statement issued on Friday afternoon. – Republican paper (published) only with one purpose – to build a wall around the White house to protect the President. Not by chance…the head of the Committee refused to answer the question: coordinated whether the authors of the Memorandum his actions with the White house”.

In turn, representatives of the Republican party rushed to defend the controversial Memorandum. Congressman Paul Gosar called the information contained in the document “act of treason”, saying that he is ready to apply to the Ministry of justice “to prosecute traitors”, organizovanih “politically motivated investigation against trump.

The editors of the Russian service “voice of America” publishes key excerpts from the “Memorandum Nunes”.

The purpose of the Memorandum

This Memorandum represents the members (of Congress) updated information on important facts relevant to an ongoing investigation of the Ministry of justice and the Federal Bureau of investigation, as well as their use of arrangements under the Law on the surveillance of foreign intelligence (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act – FISA) during the presidential elections in 2016. Our findings, detailed in the Memorandum, 1), raises concerns about the legality and legitimacy of some aspects of the interaction of the Ministry of justice and the FBI with the court (FISС), operating under the Law on the surveillance of foreign intelligence services, and 2) demonstrate the alarming violation of the legal process designed to protect the American people from abuses in the application of the Law…

Information about the investigation

21 October 2016, the Ministry of justice and the FBI applied for and received the court’s permission FISA to conduct electronic surveillance of Carter page, who on a Pro Bono basis was the acting adviser to the campaign group trump…

In the case of Carter page, the government at least four times was able to provide to the special court FISС accurate description of the relevant facts. However, our conclusion is that reasoned below, the information relevant to the case, and has not been provided.

1) “Dossier” assembled by Christopher Withnsludge (“dossier Steele”), on behalf of the National Committee of the Democratic party and the campaign of Hillary Clinton, became an important part of the justification of the application to the court FISС on obtaining permission for surveillance. Steele in a long time was a source of information for the FBI. Using the law firm Perkins Coie and (private) research firm Fusion GPS it received more than 160 thousand dollars from the National Committee of the Democratic party and Clinton campaigns for the information of the connections of the Donald trump of Russia.

a. Neither the original application in October 2016, any subsequent request for extension of permission (for surveillance) is not open…the role of the National Committee of the Democratic party and the (election) campaign of Hillary Clinton…in the payment services Steele, despite the fact that political motives in the preparation of the “dossiers Steele” was known at the time a senior staff Minucia and the FBI.

b. In the original application to the court FISС it is noted that Steele worked on a certain American citizen, but no there is not, the firm Fusion of GPS and its head Glenn Simpson, whose services were paid for by the American law firm (Perkins Coie), which is also the national Committee of the Democratic party ( despite the fact that at that time the Ministry of justice was aware of the participation of political figures in the creation of a “dossier Steele”). The application does not mention that Steele eventually worked on Commission and his services were paid for – the National Committee of the Democratic party and the (election) campaign, Clinton and the FBI separately has approved cash payments Touch for providing the same information.

…The cooperation of the FBI with Steele… was suspended and subsequently terminated due to one of the most serious by the standards of FBI violations – unauthorized provision of media (website of the magazine Mother Jones) about his cooperation with the FBI on 30 October 2016…

3) before And after co Steele with the FBI as the source was terminated, he continued to maintain contact with the Department of justice through the assistant Deputy attorney General Bruce Ora. A high-ranking officer of the Ministry of justice, who worked directly with the Deputy attorney General Yates and subsequently Rozensteina. Shortly after the election, the FBI questioned the Op about his contacts with Steele. For example, in September of 2016, Steele admitted to the RRI in that it would not like to Donald trump was elected and became President…

a. At the same time, his wife Ora was employed by the firm Fusion GPS to assist in finding dirt on trump…

4) … After the termination of cooperation with Steele,..division of the FBI that carried out the inspection of source intelligence, was able to minimally confirm the data of Steele. However, in early January 2017, the Director of the Komi informed elected President of the trump of the summary content of the dossier Steele, despite the fact that – according to his testimony in July 2017 – the dossier was “arguably and contains unconfirmed information.” At that time, as in the application to the court the FISC was marked by a history of collaboration with Steele as a source of reliable information for others, not related to this matter, it was ignored or hidden information about his financial and ideological motives to act against trump. Moreover, the Deputy Director of the FBI McCabe in his testimony to the Committee (Congress) in December 2017 has stated that without information from the files of Steele the Agency not addressed in the special court FISС permission for surveillance.

5) In the application to the court FISС also includes information about another member of the campaign trump – adviser George Papadopoulos, however, there is no evidence of any cooperation or collusion between Paige and Papadopoulos. Information about Papadopoulos was the reason for the start of the investigation Department of the FBI counterintelligence in July 2016, held by an FBI agent Pete Strzok. According to the decision of the office of spectracolor Streak was transferred to the custody of the personnel Department of the FBI in connection with the fact that in correspondence with his mistress, an employee of the FBI, Lisa Paige (nothing to do with the Carter page), they exchanged messages, which can clearly be seen as biased against Donald Trump and a positive attitude towards Clinton…