Media: the administration trump wants to stop funding the ISS by 2025

According to some publications, the proposal contains in the draft budget

The administration trump’s plans to stop funding the International space station by 2025, according to us media. Without ISS, American astronauts will not fly into space, while NASA will develop a new spacecraft for exploration of deep space.

The final draft budget will be published until February 12, but those close to the case sources told reporters that the Directive to stop funding the ISS, most likely, will remain in the document. NASA has not yet given comment on the issue.

Any budget proposal of the administration are subject to the approval of Congress, but the statement about the intention to stop funding the ISS will show the international partners of NASA that the US is no longer interested in continuing the program, which is already more than 20 years.

At the moment, the United States agree to continue funding the ISS until 2024, however, it was expected that the financing will be prolonged until 2028. As expected, by this time NASA will give associated with the station duty commercial companies, but by 2024 or 2025 to make it unlikely. The loss of the ISS at this stage can become a serious setback for NASA and for private companies.