Zeman elected Czech President

PRAGUE, 27 Jan — RIA Novosti. The current head of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman won the second round of the presidential elections, gaining 51,36% of the vote, his rival, ex-President of the Academy of Sciences jiří Dragos received from 48.63% of the vote. The final results of the vote were published, the Republican statistical office.

“After the counting of results at 100% of polling stations Zeman scored in the second round 51,36% of voters who voted for him of 2.85 million citizens. Dragos scored from 48.63% of the votes, voted for by 2.7 million people. In the elections participated 66.6 per cent of the nearly 8.5 million registered voters”, — stated in the message.

After the victory of Zeman in the air of national television recalled that five years ago he was voted a smaller number of voters. “So I’m going for the next five years with a more robust mandate and promise not to disappoint in its activities of citizens of the Czech Republic”, — he stressed.

Dragos, in turn, said that the result cannot be called a loss. Nevertheless, he conceded defeat and congratulated his rival on victory.

“I am proud that we are his participation in the elections has raised a huge wave of energy. I am sure that this energy will not disappear,” — said the former Chairman of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

The inauguration of miloš Zeman will take place at Prague Castle on 8 March 2018.