National Interest told how to reconcile Russia and the United States

MOSCOW, 16 Jan — RIA Novosti. The reviewers of the journal the National Interest suggested a way by which Moscow and Washington can come to an understanding.

The publication notes that the dialogue between Russia and the United States to be hampered by mistrust and lack of interest, but also because the public discussion “of Moscow’s interference” in the elections of the us President in 2016. According to the magazine, the tension caused by these factors, it is dangerous for US and for the world.

Commentators cite the example of the experience of interaction between the Soviet Union and the United States at the peak of the cold war, when it was created “informal contacts” in the form of exchange programs for scientists, students and teachers. This allowed both countries to understand the importance of halting the arms race and the need to avoid nuclear conflict.

Therefore, according to the journal, Moscow and Washington must deepen these contacts, which are now limited due to “distrust and a toxic political climate”.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin repeatedly called on the West to cooperate. Russian policy has also stated that Moscow is open for dialogue, however, Western sanctions complicate the possibility of effective interaction.
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