Fled abroad a leader of the banned Islamic party were put on trial in absentia in Tajikistan

Dushanbe. 1 Feb. INTERFAX – Tajikistan began in absentia in the case of the Chairman of the banned Islamic Renaissance Party Muhiddin Kabri, announced on Thursday, local media quoted the representative of the Supreme court of the Republic.

The representative of the Supreme court refrained from details.

Amendments to the Criminal procedure code to allow the imposition of a default penalty in respect of dangerous criminals, who are outside the Republic, was approved by the Parliament of Tajikistan in June 2016.

M. Kabiri, the former till Feb 2015 a Deputy of the Parliament of Tajikistan, immediately after the March legislative elections went abroad and said that he would not return home for fear of politically motivated prosecution.

The Supreme court of Tajikistan in September 2015 has announced the IRPT as a terrorist organization and banned its activities in the country. The leadership of the IRPT was accused of involvement in the attempted rebellion of the former Deputy Minister of defense of abouhalima Nazarzadeh in early September 2015.

In early June of 2016, the Supreme court of Tajikistan sentenced to life imprisonment, Deputy Chairman of the party Saidumar Husaini and Mahmadali Hayit, 11 other members of the leadership of the party received sentences ranging from 2 to 28 years of imprisonment.

Information about the wanted leader of the banned party on the Interpol website was posted in September 2016. It was noted that M. Kabiri wanted by the judicial authorities of Tajikistan for “terrorism, organizing a criminal community and fraud.”