ARMA is trying to evict people on the street in Central Kiev

The staff of the National Agency for the investigation and management of assets derived from corruption and other crimes, accompanied by representatives of the company’s Business center Navigator, the national police and unknown persons in camouflage trying to forcibly carry out the eviction of about 30 families from the residential complex Pokrovsky Posad, located in the center of Kiev. The owner of the apartments considers the actions of the national Agency and law enforcement officers of the state raiding.

The apartments are located in Kiev City Apartments. The property company had previously been seized, but the court retained the owner the right to use these objects of real estate: apartments for rent, including residents, representatives of international companies operating in Ukraine.

Without presenting any documents to the representatives of the owners of the apartments, pushing lawyers for representatives of the national Agency and the company.

Business center Navigator cut the locks, kick the door down, go in the apartment, installing new locks and alarm systems. Then the tenants can’t get into their homes and do not have access to private property. After cutting the lock in one of the apartments was blocked by the wife of a non-resident of Ukraine and his one-year-old children, already submitted an application to the U.S. Embassy. In the interests of national Agency of illegal activities by the head of the legal Department ARMA Andrey Potyomkin, and by proxy the company’s Business centre Navigator raiding carried out by Andrey Gritsenko and Vladislav Zaytsev.

Officials of the national Agency violate the laws of Ukraine, including obstructing the implementation of advocacy, carried out a trespassing and damage of property, exceeded its authority and ignored the court’s decision (art.397, article 162, article 194, article 364, article 382 of the criminal code of Ukraine). Lawlessness is accompanied by a full connivance of law enforcement officers that are watching the implementation of raider attacks and do not interfere with officials of the national Agency.

Each was involved in raider attacks will be subject to personal criminal liability – the company said. Condoning the illegal actions of the national Agency and management company for law enforcement agencies and government institutions evidence of corruption of Ukrainian officials and the total disregard for the rights and freedoms of citizens of Ukraine.

“All of Ntaganzwa and the Navigator – a flagrant raiding and terror of our tenants on the part of officials and law enforcement agencies of Ukraine. Daily to our tenants come unknown people that block them in apartments or penetrate the housing without the presence of the owners. They come at night, threatened with death and is constantly rude. Last night one of our tenants awoke to the fact that in her apartment, someone cut down the door. And when the unknown entered the house, explained its penetration by the need to set the alarm. The police completely ignore all of these glaring instances of violence. All that is proof of a complete disregard for the rights and freedoms in Ukraine“, – commented the Director of the company Kiev City Apartments Alla Korshunova.