Apple removes Telegram from the app store

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Telegram official app has been removed from the App Store of Apple.

Had been removed, because he had made “inappropriate content” available to users, founder Pavel Durov said.

“Once we have the protections we expect the apps to be back on the App Store,” he wrote on twitter.

The removal came right after the Telegram has launched an unfinished version of the “experimental” Telegram X app. Apple has taken is the official messaging app, and the one still in the processing phase.

The end of the Twitter post by @durov

On the site news technology TechCrunch, Natasha Lomas speculated that the new app may have fallen foul of Apple’s guidelines that require all apps to have the filtering and blocking systems as well as ways for offensive content to be removed rapidly.

Telegram has been criticized by some governments for the use of end-to-end encryption that protects communication between users.

Some law enforcement agencies have complained of this data-scrambling technique can make it difficult to investigate certain complex cases.

But at the beginning of this week, a former an independent reviewer of terrorism legislation for the government of the UNITED kingdom defined a “desirable a fact of life”.

It did make some aspects of an investigation more difficult, but this has been offset by the huge amount of information available from other, generally less well-protected sources, David Anderson added.