Rachel Diaz, of the teenage years of the heroine of the mule in the 2nd Bali 9 plot

TEEN heroin mule Rachel Diaz, who spent years incarcerated in another prison for drugs, has revealed how Bali Nine kingpin Andrew Chan threatened her Balinese jail cell.

Chan, who was executed by a firing squad in 2015, ordered that Ms. Diaz “to keep my mouth shut” about their patterns of drug in prison, Hong Kong’s Tai Lam women’s prison.

Ms. Diaz has revealed exclusively to news.com.at how she is stuck in one of the three heroin smuggling operations, organized simultaneously by the Bali Nine drug lords.

She made international headlines in April 2005, when she, along with Sydney Mcdonald’s worker Chris Ha Vo, 15, were arrested in a run-down hotel Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui.

She has spent six years and eight months behind bars.

The two “partner ” mules” who are preparing to swallow 114 heroin-filled condoms, for which he would be paid $200 each.

Five days later, the Indonesian police has arrested the Bali Nine, the identification of Andrew Chan as “The Godfather” of the operation.

Chan was one of the main organiser of the Australian at the end of the smuggling and distribution network, which in just two weeks, in April 2005, launched the heroin trafficking operations involving Australians.

Ms. Diaz, and the Bali Nine, were among the 17 young Australians incarcerated in the three countries over the course of the interdependence of the plots with the Australian Federal Police were aware.

Shortly after, Chan smuggling with the letters of the threats to Ms. Diaz in her Kerobokan cell to it, Hong Kong’s prison.

She told the news.com.on the subject of his hell on earth inside of the large facility in Hong Kong’s mountainous New Territories where the guards will beat them with guns and women prisoners have taken their own lives.

The former heroine of the mule Rachel Diaz, was jailed in Hong Kong for the second Bali Nine drug plot, and is threatened by the kingpin Andrew Chan to keep his mouth shut’.

Diaz as Sydney schoolgirl before she went to Hong Kong and was arrested trying to swallow 1 million dollars worth of heroin in condoms in a run-down hotel.

Hong Kong, the police seized the heroin-filled condoms and arrested Rachel Diaz and 15-year-old Sydney boy Chris Ha Vo.

Diaz was told by the Bali 9 kingpin Andrew Chan to keep quiet.

Diaz has spent years in Tai Lam prison.

The two Bali Nine and Miss Diaz operations have been linked to one of the world’s biggest drug syndicates, Crescent Moon, which heroin dealer in Myanmar.

Ms. Diaz said she has tried to change her mind before she boarded the plane to Sydney, but the union of the lieutenants of the heroin ring would not allow him to withdraw.

“I didn’t want to go, but they threatened me. I didn’t want to swallow the drugs], but they said I had to,” she said.

Ms. Diaz said that as the Bali Nine, the Australian Federal Police let go in the hands of foreign police and prisons.

“They knew before I did that it was happening. they listened to our conversation and not stop,” she said.

“I’m thinking about this as the continuation of the AFP. I am still affected, you can see it.”

She spent five years in prison in Hong Kong before serving a year and eight months Along the Bay of Sydney.

Ms. Diaz spoke as she faces a Sydney court prepares to defend charges over an alleged assault, after having tried to jump out of a moving car during an “on” black rage, new.com.the au can exclusively reveal.

According to Police, the alleged incident happened in traffic on the Motorway M2 at West Pennant Hills late on a Friday afternoon last November.

According to the police statement of facts, Diaz admitted to attempting to jump from his common-law spouse Hayden Garner Toyota Hilux ute, saying: “I just wanted to drop”.

She has pleaded not guilty to assault causing bodily harm and is due to face a hearing at a later date.

Court Documents reveal that Ms. Diaz suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit disorder, and bipolar disorders and personality disorders, borderline.

Ms. Diaz has the word “ENDURANCE” tattooed to his neck, his chest and the word death tattooed on his right arm.

She said the damage stemmed from the heroine of the transaction and her subsequent incarceration in the Tai Lam.

Ms. Diaz was a vulnerable 17-year-old with depression and sexual abuse as a child when she agreed to become a drug mule.

The Imperial Hotel Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui district, where Diaz was arrested.

The hotel room where Diaz and Vo were arrested with heroin on the bed, a pair of scissors and a condom.

Tai Lam prison where Rachel Diaz, was jailed and saw his cell mate to suicide. Photo: Chung Ho

Five days after Diaz, Scott Rush was arrested with heroin in Bali.

Andrew Chan after his Bali arrest.

Apprentice hairdresser, she lived with her Filipino-Australian family in the eastern Hills in the south-west of Sydney.

Tell his parents that she was spending the night at a friend’s house, she went to the airport of Sydney under the supervision of the heroine of the union locally-recruited men.

At the time, Ms. Diaz’s father Ferdinand worked as a manager of Coca-Cola in Sydney.

On April 12, 2005, Mr. Diaz, his wife, and Rachel, two young brothers were stunned to learn that it was Hong Kong under police arrest for heroin trafficking.

Ms. Diaz, Chris Ha Vo, and their drug-minder Hutchinson Tran, 21, were arrested at the low-budget Imperial hotel in Hong Kong, the sleazy district of Tsim Sha Tsui.

The Police monitor local heroin suppliers Quy brothers who have delivered the drug via Tran was shot and killed.

They found the Vo and Ms Diaz, with $ 1 million value of heroin in the 5cm-long condom on the hotel bed.

The teenager stood to win up to $6000 if they have swallowed enough condoms, but an awful Ms. Diaz was stalling because she was afraid the package may burst in his stomach on the flight back.

Ms. Diaz has changed her mind and refused to swallow the drugs moments before narcotics officers burst into the room.

Unbeknownst to Ms. Diaz and Vo, under the supervision of returning to Sydney by

The strike Force of Marlow attached to the NSW Police South East Asian Crime Squad.

The Hong Kong operation was running concurrently with the Bali Nine import, under the eyes of the Australian police and their counterparts in Indonesia and Hong Kong.

Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were already in Bali with their seven Australian mules of the preparation to the strap of 8.3 kg of heroin to their bodies.

In addition, four elderly people 24, 22, 18, and 19, were arrested in Brisbane and accused of conspiring with Chan and Sukumaran to import heroin to Australia.

Former teenage drug mule Rachel Diaz ‘bear tattooed on his chest and “death” on his right arm.

Bali Nine drug lords Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan, who wrote to Ms. Diaz to the prison of Kerobokan to his prison, with threats. Photo: Lukman S Bintoro

Bali Nine’s Martin Stephens and Renae Lawrence reconstitute the heroine of the plot.

Rachel Diaz, was jailed in Hong Kong for heroin.

A fifth, Khanh Thanh Ly, 24, was arrested at Sydney and pleaded guilty.

He said that he was only a “run-around” in the gang whose members included Sukumaran, and has not been paid, but he did it for the “glamour”.

[Ly is now back in prison after having pleaded guilty last November to the murder of his girlfriend, Miming Listiyani.]

After his only daughter, the arrest, Ferdinand Diaz flew to Hong Kong and stood by Rachel as she appeared in Kowloon City Court.

Mr. Diaz has tried to obtain his release on bail, but more in a Hong Kong court has refused.

In April 2006, the court jailed Vo for nine years, Ms. Diaz to 10 years and eight months, and Tran for the 13 years and four months.

Subsequently Ferdinand Diaz campaigned for Rachel to press, saying that she “could not survive” in the Tai Lam prison.

Ms. Diaz had made a friend in the Tai Lam, another woman prisoner who could speak English.

“I called her “Mom”,” Rachel said nouvelles.com.de the au.

But the woman could not bear to Tai Lam and committed suicide, sending Ms. Diaz later in the anxiety and depression.

While in the Tai Lam, she was admitted to hospital with panic attacks.

During this time, in Bali, Denpasar District Court sentenced Chan and Sukumaran to the execution by a firing squad.

The other seven members of the Bali Nine sentenced to prison terms ranging from 20 years to life in prison and death by execution.

The Police confirmed independently from news.com.at that Chan wrote to the prison of Kerobokan to Mrs. Diaz in the Tai Lam telling him to shut up on the biggest drugs plot.

Rachel Diaz has been transferred from a Hong Kong prison in Sydney in jail and was finally released.

Police surveillance photo of Bali 9 ringleaders Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran before the police arrested him.

Andrew Chan re-adoption at the international Airport Ngurah rai of the night, he has been arrested about to board a flight to Sydney.

The drug syndicate is closely related to Chan and Sukumaran, and managed at local level by the koreans, Australians, Sung Won Kim and his cohort Bao “Tony” Zhang had recruited Ms. Diaz and Vo.

They were arrested at Sydney airport with three packets of laxatives as they waited for the Vo and Ms. Diaz back, not aware of the Hong Kong arrests.

Ms. Diaz later testified via videolink in Hong Kong against Zhang and Kim, who have been convicted of conspiracy to import a prohibited drug, and imprisoned.

But the family Diaz spent tens of thousands of dollars of their life savings to travel and the hiring of lawyers in Hong Kong, in vain, to free her.

In May 2008, Ferdinand Diaz was appealed by the nsw Government to pay 10 000 $to transfer Ms. Diaz Tai Lam Long Bay jail to serve a sentence.

Mr. Diaz said that Rachel was a wreck, emotional, medicinal, and often in tears.

Ms. Diaz said new.com.the she spent five years behind bars in Hong Kong before being transferred to the Center inside the Bay of the correctional institution.

She has served a total of six years and eight months before finally being released from prison to his family in Sydney, australia.

The prohibition of outside Tai Lam prison where Rachel Diaz has been imprisoned for years. Photo: Wikipedia/Frog Wong

Diaz with Hayden Garner that she would be assaulted.

Diaz Rachel in Sydney, the family meal.

Andrew Chan has written a number of letters in the prison of Kerobokan (above) for Diaz in the Tai Lam prison. Photo: Sonny TumbelakaThe Danger of the Drug: Andrew Chan0:30

Bali 9 member Andrew Chan explains the danger of drug trafficking abroad in this TELEVISION commercial. Courtesy: Wyhldfisch ProductionsJanuary 21, 20153 years ago/display/newscorpaustralia.com/Web/NewsNetwork/Travel – New.com.au/