The Coach confidential: Jeep FCA future, Schwarzenegger in G-Class and Ford driverless thoughts

This week the excerpts from automotive news, which include Jeep FCA future, Arnold Schwarzenegger in the new G-Class and Ford’s feelings towards the car without a driver.

Jeep the future of the FCA:

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles chief Sergio Marchionne to bed the speculation that the Jeep brand could be offloaded to raise money, or that the whole of the FCA group could be sold to a Chinese manufacturer of automobiles, such as the GAC.

“We have no intention of breaking up the company or giving it to the Chinese,” the Italian confirmed in Detroit.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in the G-Class:

The terminator was in force at the Detroit auto show. Arnold Schwarzenegger, himself a Mercedes G-Class owner, told the crowd in the new car of the inauguration, as he had “got more muscular, so I had the car.”

Schwarzenegger, then presented the head of Mercedes, Dieter Zetsche, with a cowboy hat. The Austrian-born actor was later spotted inspecting the interior of a Mercedes-Maybach S650.

Welcome to the new G-Class:

In the introduction to the G-Class, Zetsche told the crowd that it was a model very close to your heart. It was the first car project was responsible for in the 1980s. Showing a black-and-white photo of him and the car from that moment on, he joked: “Only one of us still looks like it did then.”

Ford on cars without driver:

Ford boss Jim Hackett doubts that the cars, even without a driver, they should lose their pedals and the steering wheel in the short-term. You can “scare” people and make them feel “locked in there on her own,” he said.

Hackett believes that we should see the first driverless cars as robotic servants that can co-ordinate our lives. “We’ve had a recent collaboration with Domino’s Pizza,” he said. “People loved the ease of taking your food from a machine, not a human being”.

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