Matviyenko sees the task of the state and the Church in the prevention of extremism and radicalism among young people

Moscow. 25 Jan. INTERFAX – the State and the Russian Orthodox Church should pay special attention to the education of youth to prevent terrorism, extremism and radicalism, the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko.

“The fight against terrorism is not only a war on the battlefield. The main front line passes through the souls of men. It is therefore very important to focus the efforts of the state and the Russian Orthodox Church on the upbringing of our young generation, prevention of extremism and radicalism, preservation of spiritual and moral values and respect to each other, believers of different religions”, – said V. Matvienko on Thursday at the opening of the VI Christmas parliamentary meetings at the Federation Council.

In her opinion, today is a special danger for humanity is international terrorism, because it is based “is the ideology of the absolutism of violence, rejection of moral values, the wisest man in his main right – the right to life.”

V. Matvienko has noted that in the world there is an increasing tendency of spill-over of ethnic, religious and political intolerance. In her opinion, if not against that, not to worry about the consolidation of spiritual and moral values underlying the Russian state, the whole life of the country, there is a risk to weaken both.

“Only by acting together, the Russian government, the Russian Orthodox Church, traditional Russian religious denominations, civil society institutions will be able to successfully confront this really serious threat,” – said the speaker of the Federation Council.

She noted that the system of interaction between state and Church in Russia built optimally and in accordance with the secular character of the country.

“For nearly three decades we have built an optimal system of state-religious interaction. It fully corresponds to the principle of the secular nature of the Russian state and yet considers the historical and modern realities of our country, the special role of the spiritual and historical experience of Orthodoxy, spoke of the President”, – said V. Matvienko.

In her opinion, it brings good fruit in family life and in education, in culture and public morality.

“It is a visible result of the real, not only in words, cooperation between the state, society, the Russian Orthodox Church, other traditional religious associations of Russia”, – said V. Matvienko.