General USA retired: Russia uses in Ukraine is complicated military tactics

The former commander of US ground forces in Europe, urged Washington and its European allies to disclose information on Russian military capabilities in Ukraine

The former commander of US ground forces in Europe, said that the military tactics of Russia in the East of Ukraine includes a complex combination of the use of drones, electronic warfare, mortars and artillery, which is a serious problem for the Ukrainian troops.

The General-the Lieutenant in resignation of Ben Hodges also said on Wednesday that the U.S. and European allies need to make further efforts for information disclosure on Russian forces in Eastern Ukraine, including the Donbass.

Hodges, who resigned from his post as commander of US ground forces in Europe in the past year, stated this in Washington the Helsinki Commission – a government Agency that monitors situation with human rights in Europe and other places.

The US and its NATO allies engaged in training and supply of armed forces of Ukraine with the outbreak of hostilities in the East of the country in April 2014. In learning, there are about 250 American military, as well as the representatives of Canada and other NATO countries, said Hodges.

According to Hodges, the recent US decision to supply Ukraine with more modern weapons, including anti-tank Javelin, is of great importance in trying to persuade Russia to negotiate a ceasefire.

“The situation should be resolved through diplomatic channels, he said. – At some point, Russia must agree to stop supporting the separatists or to leave, to allow Ukraine to regain control over the border with Russia.”

According to Hodges, in the East of Ukraine there are about 35-40 thousand Russian-backed fighters and about 4-5 thousand active Russian military officers or commanders.

According to him, many tanks and vehicles that are managed by both Ukrainian and Pro-Russian forces today are equipped with dynamic protection – a special armor designed to protect against rocket-propelled grenades and other weapons in addition to small.

According to him, the Russian-backed commanders employ tactics that involve the use of drones, artillery and electronic warfare. This allowed the Russian forces, for example, to destroy the Ukrainian mortars and artillery.

According to him, one Ukrainian branches with put US radar installation was knocked out of the Russian rocket fire with amazing rapidity.

“The Russian potential electronic warfare is something we never had to worry about in Afghanistan and Iraq. Ukrainians live in such an environment, he said. – Therefore it is impossible to communicate by radio or other unprotected devices as they will be smothered or trapped, or worse, be discovered and be shot at”.

“Of course, we have the opportunity to show everyone what Russia is doing in Donbass. It would be helpful to put pressure on Russia, so they did what they promised to do,” said Hodges.