In Ukraine 45% of the unemployed with higher education, most of these people in Kharkov – civil service employment

Higher education in Ukraine have 45% of the unemployed. This was announced acting head of the State employment service Valery Yaroshenko, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

“On the account in service today, about 45% of Ukrainians have higher education in big cities such as Kiev, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, this figure is above 80 per cent,” he said.

The larger figure was in Kharkov – where 87% of unemployed people registered with higher education.

According to Yaroshenko, the reason is that in Ukraine about 80% of high school graduates go to universities and only 20% receive vocational education. For comparison, he cites Europe, where 70% receive the qualification of “worker tools” and 30% higher education.

The head of service also said that in 2016 in the base employment was about 33 thousand vacancies at the end of 2017 – more than 100 thousand

Recall that by the end of last year were unemployed 354,4 thousand people, 75 thousand people less in comparison with the beginning of last year.