In Kiev Opel flew under the truck, killing the passenger

In Kiev, on the Boulevard Vaclav Havel on 26 January, around 02:00 there was an accident in which three persons suffered. This is the website Informer.

Opel Kadett drove into the side of the street borshchahivska. The car is not fit for the road and drove under a truck parked on the Boulevard.

The speed was such that the strike at Opel demolished the roof and back. Car turned on the road. The car smashed so much that it looked like a pile of metal. Inside were three people. I took away all fast.

The doctors were unable to save the life of a girl who was about 20 years. Another passenger, born in 1993, is in the hospital with serious injuries.

As for the 35-year-old driver, according to the indicators of Dragor, he was drunk – the test showed 1.6 ppm of alcohol in the blood. At the same time, he has not received serious damages. The man was detained.

We will remind, in December on the Boulevard of Vaclav Havel, the 50 car hit the woman on the unregulated pedestrian crossing. She died at the scene.