Funeral of a price war prompts profit warning

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The dignity, the uk’s only publicly-owned funeral business, you’re reducing the price of his “simple” funeral of 25% to slightly less than 2,000 pounds in the middle of the growing competition.

It is said that this, and a freezing of the prices of some other services, you will be benefits for 2018 will be “well below” current expectations.

Dignity said it had been losing market share, but in the opinion of low price and more promotion of the detention of this.

The company’s share price closed at a 50% to its lowest level in five years.

The dignity said customers were increasingly shopping around.

His statement said: “This continues to have a growing impact on the group’s share of the market, with a significant reduction in the average number of funerals per location observed from 2015.”

It was said that it was the beginning “of a rigorous review to make sure your funeral, the operations are organized to run more efficiently and effectively.”

The dignity and said that he would seek to capitalise on their physical presence and scale through the increasing business wins in-line.

It was said that they were going to spend an additional £2m in 2018 in digital and other promotional activities.

The dignity said the reported deaths were 590,000 in the year 2017, with the firm carrying out 68,800 funerals.

The National Bureau of Statistics estimated that there will be approximately 580,000 deaths this year.