The survey showed that only 12% of Ukrainians support the actions of the authorities

MOSCOW, 24 Jan — RIA Novosti. Only 12% of Ukrainians support the actions of the authorities of the country, while in Russia the figure is 57%, according to a survey conducted by the research centre “ROMIR”.

“Fifty-seven percent of Russians support the actions of their government, 27% no, while 67% of Ukrainians do not share the policy of the government and only 12% support it”, — stated in the press release, “ROMIR”, submitted to RIA Novosti.

But a lot more in Ukraine, those who are willing to participate in protest actions — 42% of respondents compared to 15% in Russia.

According to the Vice-President of the international Association Gallup International Andrei milekhina, “behind the numbers of this study we see how difficult the current situation in Ukraine, how clearly visible the tiredness of the citizens from the current policy and current politicians.” “All of this is converted into an increased willingness to protest performances,” he said.

In Russia, Milekhin noted, the situation is different, “the population supports the country’s foreign policy,” he said.

In Russia the survey involved 1,500 people, in Ukraine – 500.