In St. Petersburg will open a memorial sign at the place of execution of Jews

Saint-Petersburg. 24 Jan. INTERFAX – a Memorable pointer to the place of execution of civilians of Jewish nationality would open in the Pavlovsk Park Peterburga Wednesday, the press service of the state Museum-reserve “Pavlovsk”.

The exact location of the burial place of established employees of all-Russian scientific research geological Institute. A. P. Karpinsky. The implementation of the plan was facilitated by the Chairman of the Jewish religious community of St. Petersburg mark Grubarg.

Commemorative index built on volunteer forces of the state Museum “Pavlovsk” and restoration company “Heritage”. Project author – architect Vladimir Burygin. Historical and cultural study carried out by candidate of historical Sciences, archaeologist Konstantin Plotkin.

The open sign will be held in the 74-th anniversary of the liberation of Pavlovsk from Nazi occupation.

Pavlovsk (until 1944 – Slutsk) was in the area of Nazi occupation from 17 September 1941 to 24 January 1944. In 1941 the Germans had shot two groups of Jews in a total population of 41 people. The shooting was produced on the territory of the Pavlovsk Park near St. Revolution (Garden) behind the house No. 8 (the former summer house of Nechaev) near the observation tower.

During the war the Palace and Park was severely damaged. Nazi troops looted the valuables, destroyed the pavilions, blew up bridges, cut down more than 70 thousand trees, and, retreating, burned the Palace.