As Ukraine has become a leader in the anti-Semitism

MOSCOW, January 23 — RIA Novosti, Philip Prokudin. The Israeli Ministry of Diaspora Affairs has called Ukraine a leader in the anti-Semitism in the former Soviet Union. Kiev in 2015 passed a law on the condemnation of communism and Nazism. But it does not fall under the symbolism of the SS division “Galicia”. And plenty of Nazis in the ranks of the regiment “Azov” command explains the fact that the men just “love story.” RIA Novosti understood, based on what Israeli experts, speaking about the strengthening of anti-Semitism in Ukraine.
“Vandalism against Jewish sites”

The Ministry of Diaspora Affairs released a report in which Ukraine in the year 2017 named a leader in the number of attacks, both physical and verbal — against Jews, their property, shrines and public institutions. “In Ukraine there is a doubling of the number of anti-Semitic incidents against the tendency to the revival of nationalism in Eastern Europe, attempts to rehabilitate and glorificabit nationalist movements of the past and their leaders responsible for the murder and expulsion of Jews,” the document says.

The Ministry said that for the second year in a row, “Ukraine recorded the largest in the former USSR, the number of incidents reported with a focus on anti-Semitic propaganda in political discourse, and vandalism against Jewish sites”.

Also draws attention to the lack of sufficient political will to counter manifestations of anti-Semitism, which often qualified as hooliganism and not as crimes motivated by hatred. As a result, the vandals several times in a row attacking the same object.

The Jewish origin might be the subject of attacks, stated in the document. And the situation is deteriorating. “The Jewishness of these people (high-ranking officials. — Approx. ed.) is perceived as one of the factors of complex socio-political situation in the country,” the report said.
Responsibility OUN*

And 2017, and 2016 in Ukraine was marked by major scandals anti-Semitic. So, in June of 2017 in Lviv, unidentified persons desecrated a memorial in the square of the Synagogues, he drew his neo-Nazi characters.

The inscription on the stele on the square of the Synagogues in Lviv, Ukraine. 21 Jun 2017

In April of the same year, the media reported that the Israeli Sheba hospital in Ramat Gan died, Rabbi Mordechai Deutsch, brutally beaten in Zhytomyr in October 2016. In the Ukrainian police evasively said that does not rule out other versions, in addition to robbery. Then, in October 2016, in Kiev vandals desecrated the Israeli flag, posted at the entrance to the restaurant “Jerusalem”. “We have the opening coincided with the Jewish New year. <…> Past the restaurant passed a group of teenagers, one of them climbed up on the parapet, tore down the flag and began to tear,” he told the media one of the managers of the institution.

The police managed to detain two youths of the company, to take away their Israeli flag. But the criminal case was initiated under article “Robbery”. Then in Uzhgorod in Western Ukraine poured red paint on a Holocaust memorial, and in Uman, some radicals pelted the synagogue a pig’s head.

In September 2016, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin spoke at the hearings of the Verkhovna Rada, dedicated to the anniversary of the mass killings of tens of thousands of civilians at Babi Yar. He rather abruptly reminded of the involvement of the Ukrainian nationalists to these crimes and the persecution of Jews during the Second world war. “About 1.5 million Jews were killed on the territory of modern Ukraine during world war II at Babi Yar and many other places. They were shot in the forests, near ravines and ditches, pushed into mass graves”, said Rivlin, noting all the militants of the OUN (Organization of Ukrainian nationalists)*.

In October 2016 the Director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky troubled by the fact that at Babi Yar, Kyiv authorities set up an information stand, praising Ivan Rogač — editor-in-chief of the OUN combat leaf “Ukrainian word”. Dolinsky reminded on cooperation of the Ukrainian nationalists during the Second world war with the Nazi invaders. “Ukrainian patriots who want to clear native land, to come and report about it (hiding the Jews. — Approx. ed.) in a small house on the Boulevard of Taras Shevchenko”, — he quoted an article in the newspaper of the OUN*.

The head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee said that a similar article appeared in “the culminating days of the shootings of Jews” in Babi Yar. “In fact they (articles. — Approx. ed.) was much more,” said Dolinsky.
Babi Yar. 1944
“Lovers of history”

Kyiv prefers to keep silent, or to say that nothing happens. So, in August of 2017 the Deputy commander of the National guard of Ukraine Yaroslav Spader said that the Nazis in the ranks of the regiment “Azov” fighters interested in history. “(I) that “residents of Azov” interested in history — this is normal. Perhaps they have different views on the national socialist movement in Germany too,” explained the General.

Before that in July, the “Amateur historians” from the “Azov” staged a near Donetsk the temple of the pagan God Perun. This event is they are quite transparent hint was timed to the victory over the Khazar khanate in the tenth century.

“This is demonstrative of Nazism, look at the symbolism of the “Azov”. They did not hesitate. Defiantly, at the camera “throw ridge” (the Nazi salute. — Approx. ed.). But officials and politicians pretend that nothing is happening,” says Ukrainian journalist and publicist Andrei Movchan, who just because of the conflict with neo-Nazis was forced to emigrate to Europe.

“Ukraine is not a incident. In Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law, glorify the OUN-UPA*, Nazi war criminals, those who perpetrated Babi Yar, those who massacred civilians, not only the Jewish, <…> — the very ideology of this country is forcing us to talk about the presumption of guilt of the government in each case of an incident, which may carry a Russophobic or anti-Semitic in nature. They took this ideology, it is not that they attributed. Therefore, Israel is watching this very closely,” said the Israeli publicist and public figure Avigdor Eskin.
March of the activists of the “Azov” in Kiev. November 21, 2016

Theoretically, the glorification of Nazism in Ukraine is prohibited by applicable law on the condemnation of communism and Nazism. But this normative act is applied selectively. So, in may 2017, the head of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory Vladimir vyatrovich has explained that the symbolism of the SS division “Galicia” is not prohibited. “The symbolism of the 14th Grenadier division of the Waffen SS “Galicia” in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine is not the symbolism of the national socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regime,” — said the official at the request of the media.

Earlier in the month Dolinsky appealed to the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s office to take action against events in honor of the 74th anniversary of the SS division “Galicia”. The answer he apparently got from Vyatrovich with the top. In Kiev explained social activist why some supporters of Nazism made an exception.

*Extremist organizations, banned in Russia.