In Kiev strip club Chiky&Picky shooting occurred

In Kiev on Velyka Vasylkivska street shooting occurred in a strip club Chiky&Picky. It is reported by the Informant.

The incident occurred late night, when several visitors of the club decided to find out the relationship. The shooting injured three men.

The incident came 7 crews of the patrol police and ambulance. In the place of the victims have first aid: one of the men shot in the head, another visitor, was injured nose.

Despite the injuries, all three victims were very aggressive, but from comments have refused. Administrators of institutions also declined to comment on the incident.

The guards of the club reported that it happened on the street – on the steps near the entrance to the school. Further, the group of men moved towards the arch at the entrance to Arena City.

There are investigations, the police finds out the reasons.

Recall, January 8 in the capital’s strip club DOLLS is unknown staged a shooting and fled the scene. 9 January, the police commented on the shooting in Kiev club DOLLS.