The Kharkiv court will consider the case of parents accused of torturing 3-year-old boy

Kharkiv local Prosecutor’s office No. 2 was sent to the Zhovtnevy district court of Kharkiv indictment against father and mother, 3-year-old boy who died from hunger and torture in September 2017. About it reports a press-service of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

During pre-judicial investigation established that earlier judged for stealing the boy’s father was beating the baby. The mother of the child saw it, but did not stop the man.

In August 2017 the result of the beating the boy had a broken leg, a few days – and even ribs. Kid stopped walking, but the parents did not seek medical attention. It is reported that after my dad continued to beat the boy, causing the child had severe traumatic brain injury. It is well known that child for a long time did not eat anything. Subsequently, the baby fell into a coma.

According to prosecutors, the ambulance was called by a friend of his mother, who came to visit. In a state of dire physical exhaustion, and injuries on 26 September last year the boy was taken to the hospital. Not regaining consciousness, he died. The experts found that the cause of death – starvation and constant physical violence, which had the character of extreme suffering and lasted more than a year.

Specifies that the 26-year-old mother of the child is charged with willful neglect of duty to care for the child, which resulted in grave consequences and grievous bodily harm resulting in death (article 166, part 2 of article 121 of the criminal code of Ukraine). The baby’s father charged with torture, the intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm resulting in death (part 1 of article 127, part 1 of article 122, part 2 of article 121 of the criminal code of Ukraine). To them threatens till 10 years of imprisonment.

At the moment the father of the dead boy is in custody, the mother is under house arrest.

As previously reported, in Odessa, the woman was strangled with a pillow of your 4-month-old daughter.