Tesco returns to the club card rewards

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Tesco is the delay of a cut to his more great Clubcard rewards after he had to face a harsh reaction from the customers.

The supermarket has announced on Monday that the value of reward vouchers was changing immediately, causing the anger of the response on social media.

It has now prompted a drop in the most generous rewards until June.

Buyers to collect points for money spent with the supermarket and they become good, which can be used for things such as days out or restaurant meals.

According to the changes announced on Monday, good worth four times their nominal value, cutting at three times their value.

But Tesco has now agreed to delay that change until June 10 to give buyers more time to spend with them.’The anger and the campaign’

The company said it had “listened to the opinions of the customers” on the calendar.

Martin Lewis, founder the Money Saving Expert website, said that it seemed that Tesco has responded that “it is the anger that is out there and the countryside”.

“You have done the right thing, and they’re giving those people who have been saving up to get four times the vouchers some time to redeem them,” he told BBC Radio 4 You and Yours.

Pizza Express, Cafe Rouge and London Zoo are among the places that accept four good times, according to Money Saving Expert.

Tesco said it would notify customers about the changes in the next few days.

Customers who redeem these vouchers at three times their face value will be refunded, the supermarket has said.