In the UK killed helped the Ukrainian military volunteer

MOSCOW, 14 Jan — RIA Novosti. Lithuanian volunteer Mikus, route des Alpes, who fought in the “Ukrainian volunteer army*” and then helped her, was killed on the British island of Guernsey. This was reported by colleagues Alps on the page in Facebook.

The statement said that the 33-year-old, route des Alpes two years was in the 8th separate battalion UDA*, and recently took delivery of the vehicles and ammunition for the Ukrainian volunteer units.

It is argued that Alpsa burned in his own car. “In the heart of Europe — the Islands of Britain, Guernsey has been a murder of a soldier of the 8th battalion of the Ukrainian volunteer army Mick (Mick Alps), a former volunteer in the battalion over the past two years. Tortured, killed, tied and burned in the car that Mick was carrying military battalion”, — said in the text.

In a statement, UDA* reported that the route des Alpes carried to Ukraine flak jackets and thermal underwear.

Skeletal remains ‘found in car in Guernsey’.
— JEP Newsdesk (@JEPnews) 12 Jan 2018

Earlier, the police Guernsey reported the discovery of a burnt-out car, which was dead. It was noted that the victim’s identity is established by examination.

*Extremist group banned in Russia