Spree with boyfriend: Kiev lost 14-the summer girl

On Friday, January 19, near Kiev in the village Gostomel missing 14-year-old girl Zoryana Romanchenko. About 23:30, she phoned her mum she was going home but never returned. It is reported by the Informant.

According to mother, often Zoriana has a new girlfriend. She also noted that her daughter is going through a difficult period: she is irritable, angry, not share any information. Such incidents had not previously happened.

At the moment it is searched by the Irpin police station. According to an employee of the Department, Zoryana already turned on the phone, but the phone does not respond. According to their hypothesis, the teenage girl just “spree with boyfriend.“

Signs Zoriana Alexandrovna Romanchenko: height – 160 cm, hair below the shoulders, dark blonde.

Was dressed in a blue jacket, blue genies, black boots.

Earlier it was reported that in Odessa the thief, the child was sent under house arrest.