Groisman threatened local officials with dismissal because of unpeeled from the snow roads

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman told the heads of administrations with dismissal if they will not respond quickly to the solution of problems caused by bad weather. The head of government said during a Cabinet meeting on January 17, reports

“I want to say: if the heads of administrations will be sleeping at a time when they have to work, I without question give representation about dismissal of such officials,” he said.

Groisman urged local authorities to mobilize all available resources to clearing roads of snow.

“Snow usually causes difficulty and promotion in cities. It is very important that all local authorities have mobilized all available resources, and from 1 January in local budgets three to four times more on local roads. This means that there are available financial resources. In any country of the world, when heavy rain, there are traffic jams, there are problems. And we will have problems and traffic jams. The most important thing is to mobilize all available resources, not to sleep, to do to unblock tube. And at the time when they arise, to take care of people who may not voluntarily stay in such traffic”, stressed the head of government.

“I demand that across the country, all the heads of regional and district administrations, under their personal responsibility organized”, – concluded the Prime Minister.

Note that forecasters warned Ukrainians about the worsening weather on January 18, expect a snowstorm, sleet and snow up to 40 cm