The threat of a US government closure remains

The bill, diverting the threat of government shutdown passed in the Senate, where Democrats oppose its approval

WASHINGTON – Republicans in the House of representatives failed to muster enough votes to pass the bill on temporary funding from the government.

It happened the day before midnight Friday, the deadline for such decision.

However, despite the tight timeframe, the bill still expects a tough fight in the Senate, have completed work late Thursday night, and not taking the bill.

In the House of representatives, the bill was passed by 230 votes for and 197 against.

Legislators had two choices – to adopt a temporary decision to extend the spending authority of the government for one month, the so-called resolution on the continuation of funding of current expenses, or to prevent partial closing of government departments to agree on the budget.

Democrats refused to support a bill that forced the speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan to hold talks with the conservative group “liberty Caucus,” to secure the approval of the bill. The head of the Caucus, Mark Meadows was able to make promises to hold a future vote on the issue of financing the armed forces and the immigration bill, which is supported by conservatives.

In September, President Donald trump made the decision on the termination of the DACA program initiated by the Obama administration, which protected from deportation young immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children.

Democrats in Congress are calling for the adoption of the bill on short-term funding of the government, including the decision for 800 thousand participants in the DACA program, which would lose protection from deportation on 5 March, if Congress does not adopt the relevant decision.

The bill on temporary funding facing a tough fight in the Senate, where Republicans have a much more modest majority. In the case of its adoption, legislators will spend the next month of negotiations on the budget, covering the remaining part of the 2018 fiscal year, which ends September 30.

After the decision of the house of representatives, the Senate could vote on the bill on Friday.

However, the prospects of its adoption vague. Two Republicans announced they would not support the bill, which means that its passage will require the support of at least 11 Democrats – only in this case, legislators will be able to collect the 60 votes needed for adoption.

If the draft is not approved by the Senate, that at midnight Friday there will be a partial suspension of work of the Federal government.

This means that they will suspended the Federal research projects, closed national parks, delayed payment of tax refunds and reviewing applications for the registration of disability ex-servicemen, and also suspended the Federal food assistance programs.