In Britain, the “model policeman” raped victims

MOSCOW, 16 Jan — RIA Novosti. In the UK two police officers were charged with raping a crime victim after he discovered their correspondence, seen by the Daily Mail.

It is reported that in correspondence of the militiamen discussed how they demanded from the victim of a crime to have sex under threat of denial of its application.

In addition, Scotland Yard and the Supervisory authority over the activities of law enforcement agencies are studying a video with a secret shot of jail, a drunk lady in the back seat of the police car, as well as videos where the guards rudely to drivers who called the police. These images and messages were randomly revealed at the investigation of a British businessman of bribery.

It is noted that two police officers, Edward Bengry and John Taylor, removed from service. Berri, said he did not know anything about the existence of videos and posts, Taylor, in turn, refused to comment on the situation.

Edward Berri had previously recognized “a great example of the values cherished in the Service of the Metropolitan police”. In 2016, he received an award for bravery after rescuing choking boy.