The United States recognized the nuclear advantage of Russia, media reported

WASHINGTON, 13 Jan — RIA Novosti. Russia has significant advantages over the United States and its allies in the production of nuclear weapons and non-strategic nuclear forces, according to American nuclear doctrine, unclassified portion of which was published by the newspaper Huffington Post.

The document also notes that Moscow “creates a large set of non-strategic systems, which can be both nuclear and conventional weapons.” This set, as the newspaper notes, in the text of the doctrine is accompanied by such characteristics as “versatile and modern.”

The document stresses that Russia, despite criticism of us missile defense, working to modernize its ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads, and the creation of a new interceptor missile.

The Pentagon, commenting on the publication, said that the US has several variants of the doctrine, the final version must be approved by the President of Donald trump and the Minister of defence James Mattis.

Earlier, President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow hopes for a positive dialogue with Washington on start-3, but so far Russia has no evidence that the United States under the conversion of the media under the contract will not be used for nuclear weapons.