Irn Bru panic, as the fans accumulate some reserves of drinking

Fans of Irn Bru have started inventories of soft drinks prior to an expected change in the recipe.

Manufacturers of fizzy favorites are the modification of the formula of the product to cut the sugar content by almost half.

It is part of a sugar-reduction programme by AG Barr before the government levy on sugar-sweetened beverages entered into force in 2018.

But the fans have launched the “Hands off our Irn Bru”, a petition attracting over 6,000 signatures.

Irn Bru drinkers are angry after the manufacturer has revealed the new taste and would appear in stores in the month of January.

They took to social media to vent their dismay, with the stories of people the purchase of a maximum of 250 cans mentioned, but not substantiated.

The Cumbernauld company announced last year that it would cut Irn Bru sugar content of from about 10g / 100ml to under 5g.

This will reduce the calorie count per can for a little less than 140 to about 66.

AG Barr has said that the move was part of a “long sugar reduction programme”.”Instead of paying more’

Voice, “Hands off our Irn Bru” the petition is a carpenter Ryan Allan, Ayr.

He has already made the preparations to preserve his favorite drink and has a reserve of “when is drunk”.

He told the BBC’s Kaye Adams: “I have 24 bottles of glass in my loft that will do me for emergencies.”

His anger was for the most part to what will be replacing the sugar: “I know that its not going to be the same product and I don’t want to get used to it.

“I know sugar has its concerns, but to do so, sweeteners, and people are not aware of how they should be.

“I know that the stuff is about to hit the shelves now and I’m going to ask people to try, just out of curiosity, but if you don’t like don’t buy it, vote with your pound.”

AG Barr

On his petition, said: “The government’s sugar tax” that will apply to the sale of sugar-sweetened beverages is similar to the way cigarettes and alcohol are taxed.

“I would much rather pay more for a bottle that does not have an altered recipe version.”

And he added: “I believe that an adult should have the choice of what poisons they want to put in their body.”

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A spokesman for A. G. Barr said: “From January 2018 Irn Bru will continue to be made using the same secret as Irn Bru flavour essence, but with less sugar.

“The vast majority of our drinkers want less sugar in their Irn Bru so that is what we are now offering.

“We know that our loyal drinkers love Irn Bru for its unique great taste and we have worked hard to achieve this goal.

“We did a lot of taste tests that showed most people can’t tell the difference – 9 out of 10 regular Irn Bru drinkers told us that we have had a good or excellent taste of the game.

“Most buyers can expect to buy Irn Bru with reduced sugar by the end of this month. Give it a try when it comes out.”