Of Internet users touched by the video of the birth of the deadly spiders

MOSCOW, 16 Jan — RIA Novosti. In the Internet appeared the video of the birth of Sydney leucopoenia spiders. Footage posted to the Australian reptile Park on his page in Facebook.

The video shows how spiders hatch from the cocoon, and the specialist is helping them out with tweezers.

“Kids voronkovich spiders emerge from the cocoon, someone can be daunting, but we love them,” wrote the staff of the Park in the description to the video.

Social network users also appreciated the birth of arthropods.

Patience Melton pointed to the incompatibility of the music series events on video.

“Did the music from horror movies need? See how hatch the spiders, and it’s beauty. They are so small and delicate!”, — she wrote.

Users have also worried how spiders survive in the wild.

“Otherwise the kids would not be able to get out of the cocoon? Then what happens in nature, how to destroy cocoon?”, asked Luan Danaan.

Sydney leucopoenia, or funnel web (it is a trapping network has a funnel shape) is the most venomous spider Australia, as well as second in the ranking of the most dangerous in the world. Poison adult can cause serious harm to human health and even death. The most dangerous are males, because they emerge from their burrows during the rainy season in search of females and can deal with people.