Fans of the national team of Oman unleashed a boom in the stadium, celebrating the team’s victory

The final match of the Cup of Nations of the Persian Gulf between Oman and the UAE could mean tragedy.

After the match, fans of Oman, celebrating the victory of his team, hit a glass barrier on one of the stands of the stadium in Kuwait.

The incident resulted in injuries to 20 to 30 people, but no one was seriously hurt. They were all taken to hospital, reports the Kuwait Times.

Dozens of fans fell into a runway at the Jabir International Stadium on Friday, after the end of #Oman and UAE’s #Gulf_Cup23 Cup final— dr (@dralmutawaa) 5 Jan 2018

Oman’s national team defeated the UAE in a penalty shootout and the second time won the Cup of Nations of the Persian Gulf.

Earlier it was reported that the fans almost tore the match of the Cup of Spain.