Belarus will close down its Consulate General in Odessa

The Council of Ministers of Belarus on 4 January made a decision to close its Consulate in Odessa. The corresponding document was posted on the government website.

The government of Belarus agreed that the Consulate General in Odessa must be closed until 23 February, and the Ministry of foreign Affairs was instructed to take appropriate measures for the closure of the diplomatic mission.

Recall that in the second half of 2017 relations between Ukraine and Belarus worsened in connection with the detention on the territory of Ukrainian citizens. We are talking about the son of a Ukrainian guard Pavel Fungus, which was later exported to Russia and arrested, the journalist of “Ukrainian radio” Paul Sharoika, the Director of the factory in Konstantinovka (Donetsk oblast) Alexander Skiba. In November the authorities announced the exposure of the “spy network”, accusing him of involvement in her Paul Sharoika.

Also because of “case Sharoika” Belarus expelled the employee of the Ukrainian Embassy. Ukraine responded to such actions mirrored in returning from Kiev the Belarusian diplomat.