Lauren hixon, mother of the fears about killer Neville Towner release

But Neville Towner, 23, took Lauren out of her house, hit her on the head with a stone, tried to rape her, and then she drowned in the Nepean River, in the West of Sydney.

Now, almost 30 years after the shocking murder, Towner is for release from prison.

S Lauren’s mother with a broken heart, Jurina Hickson will be asked for Towner, behind bars out of fear of the recalcitrant child killer could kill again.

“He has shown no remorse, he has never said he is sorry,” Ms Hickson said, Nine News, fighting to hold back the tears.

“God forbid what he would do (when it is released).

“It is very, very hard. You would be 33 this year. She’s not here.

“She’s not here for Christmas, meeting here for the family.

The NSW State Parole authority to consider due to the met today, Towner’s release. The decision was postponed until March.

Lauren Hickson, 4, (above) was kidnapped, beaten, raped, and murdered by Neville Raymond Towner in the vicinity of the Nepean River Caravan Park in the year 1989.

Video-grave of Neville Raymond Towner, murdered four-year-old Lauren Hickson at Emu Plains, West of Sydney.

Lauren Hickson and her mother Jurina, who is in agony over the anticipated release of Towner, her former neighbor.

His bid for parole was moved last September to the eleventh hour to ask.

Victims of crime advocate Howard Brown, a formal on Tuesday on behalf of the Lauren family, the Towner was not suitable for publication.

NSW Commissioner for corrective services, Peter Severin, also against Towner’s release from prison.

Neville Raymond Towner, is now aged in his early 50s, for life for the murder of Lauren, he is kidnapped by the Nepean River Caravan Park, where your family lived in Emu Plains in far-western Sydney.

It was may 17, 1989, and Towner, then aged 23, was alone with the small Lauren.

The girl, the parents believed, was their daughter in the care of Towner’s mother, when she disappeared from her parents caravan.

A huge police search was mounted, but no trace could be found of her.

Two days later, the little girl was found the nearly naked corpse in a Creek bed 500m to the West of the caravan park.

A court later heard that Towner had hit Lauren on the head with a brick, before trying to rape her, and drowned her in the Nepean River.

Police charged Towner with evil intention to murder Lauren, Jennifer hixon, and with assault with intent to sexually assault a child under the age of 10.

Lauren Hickson, 4, was meant to be in the care of your babysitter, if Neville Towner kidnapped and killed.

Neville Towner after 1989 his arrest.

Towner, 23, tried to commit suicide in prison.

Jurina Hickson endure Towner appeal against a life sentence and is now ahead of his possible release from prison. Picture: Stephen Cooper.

Two days later, Towner tried to take his own life in detention by saving his wrists.

Shortly after his arrival in Penrith Court, on the outside, where an angry crowd gathered, among them a man with a doll of a hangman dangling noose.

Towner was back in Parramatta prison, where he allegedly had a suicide attempt, while in the protection of the wings.

Smashing a light bulb in the isolation cell, he cut his wrists, but not to bleed to death.

In 2002, Towner had his life sentence redetermined with a minimum parole period.

In March of last year, Towner standing in front of a hearing before the State Parole authority announced their intention to release him.

Towner, transition change programmes in prison, but has participated in a guided day-Version.

In a petition against his release, which has more than said 111,800 signatures, Jurina Hickson, “I’m not going to forgive him, while I still have breath in my body.

“The murder was so horrible. He sexually assaulted and tortured her.

“I just can’t understand why a prisoner of his caliber will be a get-out-of-jail-free card.”

S Lauren ‘ cousin, Robert Miell, bat draw people to the petition, because “it is the signature that makes the difference”.