Transgender model on the German Playboy cover


The German edition of Playboy magazine with a transgender model on its cover for the first time.

Giuliana Farfalla, 21, Topless, a tradition for such a Magazine in Germany. She is known with in a reality TV series.

Editor-in-chief, Florian Boitin, said Farfalla was a “beautiful example of how important the fight for the right to self-determination”.

US Playboy featured a transgender model in the Centerfold spot in the last year.

Farfalla, born Pascal Radermacher in the South-Western German city of Freiburg, said that early in her childhood, she felt in the wrong body. She underwent a gender reassignment surgery at the age of 16 years.

On Instagram, Farfalla of the magazine, available on newsstands on Thursday said she was “super proud”.

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