To have US seniors residential complex, robot-taxis

The Villages

One of America’s largest retirement villages have a fleet of self-driving taxis, the next year introduced.

The US company, travel, said it will start rolling out the service in The Villages, Florida, which is home to 125,000 older inhabitants.

He said the scheme, which is located about 750 km, it would be the “biggest by area size in the world”.

There are safety concerns about the self-driving cars are to the examination of problems and accidents.

Voyage already operates a handful of driver-less taxis in other retirement community in San Jose, California, also known as the villages, but said it started testing the vehicles in Florida, in front of a much larger roll was out.

Once the System is fully functional, it said that all the residents will be able to a self-driving car with its mobile app would be to summon,.


“[Then] can travel anywhere within the boundaries of the community is completely Autonomous,” she said.

The sprawling villages includes three different inner cities, more than 100 Restaurants, eight large supermarkets and 7.8 million sq ft of commercial real estate.

It is also controversial has been tightened following reports of an exciting night life, and public displays of debauchery.

Most experts agree that robot cars will be provided, as a fleet of self-driving taxis in controlled environments, such as universities, business parks or retirement communities.

But some research suggests that older people are unlikely to trust robot cars.

The Villages

According to a 2016 survey of Kelley Blue Book, an automotive valuation and research firm, only 9% of persons aged 51-64 said, she felt safe enough to travel in a totally driverless vehicle, compared with 38% of those aged 12-15.

Travel the self-driving cars is not quite Autonomous: they all have the safety of the driver behind the wheel, who can Mature in the Ernst case.

The company said it is forecasting “strong demand” from residents and, allegedly, given a stake in his company to the owners of the villages.

Florida is one of more than 20 U.S. States have approved the use of Autonomous vehicles on the roads. But while the experts say that self-driving technology, which makes driving safer might exist, the fears about the technology.

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Some vehicle tests wrong and the computer was deemed fault, contributory negligence applies in a crash with a Tesla vehicle in the last year.

On Wednesday, a self driving car AI, a company operated by Argo, supported by Ford, was involved in a crash in Pittsburgh that led to brought two people to the hospital.

Early reports on the accident was a result of human failure was the point.

Ford declined to comment on whether or not the vehicle was self-driving mode at the time, or whether Argo to test has stopped the cars while it investigated the crash.

In an E-Mail to tech-news site the Verge, he said: “We are aware that Argo AI test vehicle was involved in an accident. We collect all the information. Our focus is initially on making sure that everyone involved is safe.”