White house: lawmakers are ready to cooperate on immigration bill

The debate between Democrats and Republicans intensifies in the lead-up to Congressional elections

On Thursday a group of us lawmakers from both parties agreed to work together on a bill on immigration. Work will focus on four key issues: border security, “chain migration” (i.e. legalization in the country through family ties), the future of the visa lottery and the position of “immigrant dreamers” (illegal immigrants).

According to the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the agreement on the work “four priority issues” was reached during the closed part of the meeting, which was held earlier Tuesday at the White house.

The US President Donald trump on Tuesday met with legislators from both parties, urging them to find a compromise on the question of the fate of thousands of young illegal immigrants, but reiterated that any agreement on this issue should provide funding for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico.

During the meeting, trump said he was ready to sign any bill that protects immigrants from deportation, provided that it will include measures to strengthen border security, which he sought. “No walls, no security,” he said.

“You need to come up with a solution, but if you do, I will sign it”, – he said congressmen.

Trump and controlling Congressional Republicans sharply disagree with the Democrats; both parties prepare for the forthcoming in the November mid-term elections. Trump insists that any agreement on immigration included funding for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico and the tightening of immigration restrictions.

“We’ll build this wall,” promised trump, speaking on Monday in Nashville, Tennessee.

Democrats seek to protect from deportation the Program beneficiaries deferred action for immigrant children (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals – DACA), expired in early March. We are talking about the so-called “dreamers” – immigrants who arrived in the country when they were minors. It is estimated that in the country there are about 700 000.

However, under pressure from immigrant organizations, the Democrats don’t want to give Trump the question of the construction of the wall, which was one of the Central points of his electoral program. “There were some discussions, but our position is clear, and their position is also about clear. We want to delve into this issue and see whether there are possibilities for negotiation,” said a White house spokesman.

As expected, the leading representatives of the Congress at the meeting on Tuesday will not. However, in the guest list were Congress from both parties involved in the discussion of immigration issues, including Republican senators John cronyn and Tom cotton and democratic Senator dick Durbin. The leader of the democratic minority in the House of representatives Nancy Pelosi has made it clear that he didn’t expect significant progress from this meeting.

“I would believe more in the success of this meeting, if there were people who really imagine the situation from our side,” she said, adding that criticizes Durbin.

Among the “dreamers” a lot of immigrants from Mexico and Central America, who spent most of his life in the United States, studied in American schools and actively participate in public life.

Trump in September put their fate into question, declaring that he intends to undo the DACA program that allowed them on a temporary basis to legally live and work in the United States.

Member, house of representatives, Texas Democrat Henry Cuellar, invited to the meeting, had earlier expressed hope that a solution can be come up with, however, acknowledges that differences remain.

“For us a very important programme for DACA, but also the security of the borders, too, – he said in an interview with CNN. – However, there are some people, some of my Republican colleagues and the President himself, who believe that the only way to secure the borders is to build a wall.”

Democrat, Steny Hoyer said that a bill on DACA can get the necessary support, despite disagreements between the parties about what measures should be taken to ensure border security.

“Democrats over border security he said Trump during the meeting. This, Mr. President, of course, there are disagreements about how to achieve it.”

Trump is under pressure from conservatives, said that any agreement with the Democrats for DACA should include the cessation of “chain migration” that could jeopardize the parents of the “dreamers” who are still living in the country illegally, and the visa lottery.

Some Republicans in the House of representatives want to use the bill to “dreamers” to increase funding for immigration control. Defenders of the rights of immigrants fear that these funds can be used to prosecute the relatives of young immigrants.

A member of the house of representatives from Arizona Republican Martha Maccalli who planned to attend, believes that Democrats should be “more open” to the demands of Republicans in relation to border security and DACA.

“It’s a reasonable request, she said. – I think the Democrats are just being stubborn”.

The Senator from North Carolina, Republican Tom Tillis said that the most important thing in the meeting –not only the plan offered by legislators to Trump a plan he can accept or reject. “The point is not so much to anything we suggested, and the President answered “Yes” or “no”, but in the fact that the administration was actively involved in the process,” said Tillis, adding that the President does.