Tillerson refuses to return diplomats to Cuba

The Secretary of state said that he was not convinced that the “deliberate attack” on Americans has stopped, although the FBI has not yet found their confirmation

USA “knowingly subjected people to danger,” if they send their diplomats to Cuba, said Secretary of state Rex Tillerson, in an interview with the Associated Press.

This statement was made despite a new FBI report, which expressed doubt in the initial theory about the “acoustic attack”, which, presumably, were working on the island by the Americans.

As revealed by the Associated Press, the preliminary report of the division of operational technologies, the FBI prepared on the basis of several months of investigation and four of the visits of FBI agents to Havana, said that the trial did not find evidence that sound waves could harm the health of American citizens.

The report of January 4, not considering other theories. The document States that the FBI will continue to investigate until then, until you can show that no intentional harm was not.

Tillerson said that he was not convinced that the “deliberate attack” as he called them, stopped.

He insisted on the correctness of his September decision to withdraw from Cuba most of the American employees and their families.

According to him, he won’t change course until the Cuban government will not assure that Americans are safe.

“I would deliberately put them in danger. Why, please tell me I do when I have no way to protect them? – Tillerson said in an interview with the Associated Press. – I will resist it to anyone who will push me to it.”

“I continue to believe that the Cuban government, someone from the Cuban government may put an end to it,” added Tillerson.

Cuban authorities insist that they did not know and was not involved to any attacks.