In Kiev, the Azerbaijanis protesting over the kidnapping of businessmen

On 10 January in Kyiv before the building of the Ministry of internal Affairs, representatives of the Azerbaijani community holding a rally.

On it informs Agency Interfax-Ukraine.

The protesters held up signs, in particular to the following: “I want to invest in Ukraine, but it is dangerous“, “the ‘ 90s are back“, “We are against banditry in the Ukraine. Protect our lives.“

The action was attended by about 150 people. They urge law enforcement agencies to counter the criminals who put pressure on the Azerbaijanis in Ukraine, kidnap their representatives.

According to the United Congress of Azerbaijanis of Ukraine (OKAU), in different cities of Ukraine were destroyed and burned the restaurants and the stolen expensive cars, is owned by the entrepreneurs from Azerbaijan.

According to some of the protesters, criminals are not afraid of power structures in Ukraine kidnapped more than 20 Azerbaijanis, some of which are engaged in business.

We will remind, in Kiev have exposed the employee of Interpol, kidnapping.