The winter olympics ‘targeted by hackers’

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Hackers have attempted to steal the sensitive data part of the groups involved with next month’s Winter Olympics, the cyber-security company McAfee said.

The report has found malware-infected e-mails were sent last month to organisations linked to the Pyeongchang Games.

Not identify the perpetrators, but said that further attacks linked to the upcoming Olympics were probably.

In similar past attacks of hackers tried to obtain passwords and financial data.”Casting net’

McAfee has said that a number of groups associated with the Olympics had received malicious emails, including several affiliated with ice hockey.

“Most of these organizations have a certain association with the Olympics, both for the provision of infrastructure or in a support role,” the security company said.

“The attackers seem to be created a wide network with this campaign.”
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The messages were sent from Singapore IP address and told the readers to open a text document in Korean.

McAfee said that hackers were trying to trick the recipients into believing that the email had come from South Korea, the National counter-terrorism Center – which at the moment is in the phase of carrying out anti-terrorist exercises in the region.

In some cases, hackers used a technique known as steganography, which hides malware in text and images.

McAfee echo recent warnings from the University of California, researchers have to expect more cyber-attacks at major sporting events.

“With the upcoming Olympics, we expect to see an increase of cyber-attacks, using Olympic themes,” the security company said.

It is, as Pyongyang prepares to hold talks with South Korea for the first time in more than two years.

North Korea has accepted an offer to participate in the meeting of 9 January, which will focus on finding a way for his athletes to participate in the Games.