“Three billboards” and “Lady bird” is named best movies

In Los Angeles hosted a 75th ceremony “Golden globe”

The hard politically incorrect drama of provincial American life and history hard Mature independent girl with high ambitions celebrated the victory in the 75th ceremony of awarding the “Golden globe”.

“Three of the Billboard on the border of Ebbing, Missouri,” directed by Martin McDonagh and “Lady bird” actress Greta Gerwig, which debuted as a Director, received the prize statuettes in their respective categories. The first film in the category “drama”, and the second in the category “Comedy/musical”.

Miracles of transformation

The award “Golden globe” is awarded by the Association of foreign journalists of the Hollywood (HFPA), which now includes about 90 reporters and kinobetriebe living in southern California and news covering Hollywood for foreign publications.

As expected, the ceremony, held in the ballroom of the hotel “Beverly Hilton”, was riddled with emotions about the wave of stories about sexual harassment that led to the scandals with movie Mogul Harvey Weinstein and other prominent figures of the cinema.

This painful subject announced in his opening monologue, the show’s host comedian Seth Meyers, and later continued the stars and the winners went on stage. As a symbolic sign of solidarity with the victims of sexual violence, United in a social movement with the hashtag #MeToo (“me too”), became the black clothes of the majority of the participants and guests of the ceremony.

Barbara Streisand, who presented the main award of the evening, introduced as the only woman to receive the “globe” in the directing category. “You know, it was in 1984. 34 years ago! she said. – Guys, time out! Need more women Directors and more women nominated in this category. Because so many good films by women. I am proud that we are in the same room with people who are openly struggling with gender inequality, sexual harassment and vulgar cynicism that is poisoning our politics.”

Actress from films-the victors were also awarded. Isabelle Huppert and Angelina Jolie presented the statuette of the McDormand from “Three billboards”. McDormand known for their rough manners, promised to buy tequila at his own expense rivals for the nomination, and pointedly praised the HFPA: “Let’s face it: they managed to elect a woman President”. A couple of times during her speech invisible censors of NBC, leading the broadcast of the show, “sativali” obviously, long uncensored passages.

The performer of the title role in “Lady bird” young Irish actress saoirse Ronan all the ratings and Outlook were ahead of rivals. She received the award.

“Three billboards” also awarded prizes in the categories of “best screenplay” and “best supporting actor” – it was Sam Rockwell, who played the cynical and stubborn police officer.

Best actress of the second plan announced Allison Janney, embodied in the sports film “Tony against all” (I, Tonya) domineering mother famous figure skater Tony Harding.

Best Director called the Mexican visionary Guillermo del Toro, to combine the genres of fantasy comic about the monsters with the detective Noir era of the cold war in the film “water”. For the best music also marked the composer of this film, Alexander Desplat.

Best actors Gary Oldman in the segment of “drama” and James Franco in the segment “Comedy/musical”. Both of them showed miracles of transformation. Oldman reincarnated British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in the historical drama of Joe Wright’s “Dark times”, but so masterly that to know the actor on the screen with great difficulty. Not coincidentally, Oldman is so hot in her speech, thanked the makeup artists and costumers.

But Franco brought to the stage with a Tom Viso, extravagant outsider, who himself played in his directorial film “Woe to the Creator.” It is the “mountain-Lord” Visa and his “worst film of all time” called “the Room” prompted Franco to dedicate this strange phenomenon of mass culture your kinopremery.

Hug Oprah Winfrey

Two points can be called the emotional climax of the ceremony, the rest is fairly routine and monotonous. The latter is probably inevitable for this sort of events, combining the agenda of Union meetings and monkey show.

The audience stood up and erupted in applause when actress Catherine Zeta-Jones rolled out on stage in a wheelchair, which was 101-year-old kirk Douglas – the father of her husband Michael Douglas. The legendary Spartacus in 101 years! And although signs of age, as they say, is obvious, the actor, the Patriarch found the strength to act as a presenter and in the audience was shown fragments of several famous films with his participation. Zeta-Jones reminded that kirk Douglas was one of the most active fighters against “black lists” in Hollywood middle of the last century.

The second peak moment of the evening – the presentation of honorary awards named Cecil DeMille, a prominent producer and Director of “the Golden era” of Hollywood, TV presenter and public figure Oprah Winfrey.

“Embrace Oprah is able to end the war and to establish peace throughout the world. You have changed our lives,” said Reese Witherspoon, presenting the audience Winfrey, which, however, in the special needs no introduction.

In his well articulated and full of facts speech, she recalled how the girl in 1964, I watched the presentation of the Oscars on TV and was amazed to see Sydney Poitier, the first African American to be awarded this prize (previously, in 1940, the first African-American woman who won an Oscar was Hattie McDaniel for the role of Mammy in “Gone with the wind”).

Oprah spoke about the importance of truth, especially in this time when “the press is under siege”. “I am particularly proud of the women, she said, who have the strength and courage to speak the truth in a loud voice”. She thanked all the women who have endured “years of violence and abuse”.

Prestige and TV shows

In the category “best foreign language film” winner is named by the German band “At the limit” (In the Fade) directed by Fatih akin. This psychological drama tells the tragic story of a German mother (actress Diane Kruger) whose husband, a Kurd, and the son die in the explosion, arranged by neo-Nazis. The HFPA’s decision can be considered unexpected, as many experts and insiders confidently predicted the victory in this category is angelina Jolie, who directed the Cambodia film “First they killed my father” in Khmer. Quite high is also considered the chances of the Swedish picture of the “Square” Ruben Ostlund and the Russian drama “Dislike” directed by Andrei Zvyagintsev.

In the television categories (11) the indisputable leader was the mini-series “Big little lies” of the Director Jean-Marc vallée, who received four awards. Detective story began with the fact that the school the ball is a murder. Several students ‘ families, each in their own way, connected with this crime.

The producer of the show thanked the actors Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern, Alexander Skarsgard and other for successful cooperation. This is another good example of “convergence” of film and television, when the stars of the big screen no longer consider it shameful part in TV projects.

Nicole Kidman said he was very pleased that this show forces people to talk openly about domestic violence.