New year at the Sofia area met 130 thousand people – KSCA

About 125-130 thousand residents and guests of the city greeted the New 2018 in the capital – St. Sofia’s square, the press service of Kyiv city state administration.

The Deputy head of Kyiv city state administration Alexey Reznik said that this is the record in 2015.

“For comparison: in the year 2015 on St. Sophia met (New year – ed.) a little more than 40 thousand Ukrainians, 2016 – about 70 thousand, in 2017 – about 100 thousand. I can remember only one new year’s eve gathered more people together – New year-2014. That night, if memory serves, us was around half a million on the Maidan,” – he said.

31 December, about hundreds of bikers held a rally in which arrived to the international airport of Kiev to celebrate the snow maidens, “which came from cold countries.”