The United States will open to a new drilling site offshore

Environmentalists and legislators are opposed to this decision of the Federal government

On Thursday, the Ministry of internal Affairs of the United States will open for registration and obtaining permits for drilling on the continental shelf, the largest area previously protected by American law the coastal areas of the Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

This decision followed the President’s promise Donald trump to increase production of hydrocarbon energy sources. Permits will be issued despite the objections of environmentalists, government officials and businessmen who are concerned about the risk of oil spills and the collapse of the coastal tourism.

The Minister of internal Affairs Ryan Zinke will present the updated National programme for the development of oil and gas on the continental shelf in the afternoon on Thursday, according to a press release of the Ministry.

The new program, expected to replace the 5-year leasing plan, the Obama administration and open more areas for drilling in previously protected areas.

A few weeks before leaving the White house, former President Barack Obama imposed a ban on new oil and gas drilling in coastal waters in the Atlantic and Arctic oceans. Protected area recognized by the 115 million acres of waters in Alaska and 3.8 million acres in the North Atlantic: from New England to the Chesapeake Bay.

However, the President of trump in April last year ordered the Ministry of internal Affairs to radically revise the existing plan for offshore drilling.

In his decree trump said that US policy is to “encourage exploration and production of energy… in order to maintain the country’s position as a global energy leader, and to ensure energy security and sustainability in the interests of the American people.”

Policy changes have been linked to low oil prices and rising oil production on land that has reduced industrial demand for rental areas for offshore drilling.

On the eve of the presentation of the new plan, lawmakers from both parties, environmentalists, the leaders of the business community on the Atlantic coast of the United States stated that they oppose any attempts to open coast for drilling. In their opinion, the new initiative is an environmental risk and threatens the profitable industry of tourism.

On Wednesday, the press Secretary of the Governor Florida Rick Scott announced that the state government intend to “aggressively protect” the environment with a contribution of more than $ 3.8 billion.

In turn, a travel company on the East coast are preparing for a long struggle against the Ministry of internal Affairs.