“A pair of pliers pulled the fingers were removed with a knife to the eye”: Released new the testimony of citizens who were in the captivity of the militants

“The Russian military in the Donbass no,” – for the fourth year, according to the Kremlin. The Russian Federation, according to them, acts as an arbitrator in a purely Ukrainian conflict and is trying to help to resolve it.

At the same time, the security Service of Ukraine and then records the facts of Russian aggression in Eastern Ukraine. Quite recently – on the eve was published 43 the testimony of citizens who visited the prison on the other side of the demarcation line.

Now such information in the files of the intelligence agencies about four hundred. And in all of them people are talking about the same thing – physical violence and humiliation of the Russian military over the Ukrainians in the dungeons ORDO.

While the main feature of the now released testimony is that most of them have been documented by police officers from the Ukrainian military, captured during ilovaisky boiler, a fact which stubbornly ignore the Kremlin’s propagandists.

To summarize the testimony of former prisoners of the militants is difficult, so for example, here is literally some of them.

Employee of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine by the name of Peter, after being held hostage by the militants 23 days:

“…In August 2014, my battalion was relocated to a permanent place of service in Ilovaysk Donetsk region. Within ten days we spent “cleansing” of the territory from the terrorists who were on duty at checkpoints. 20 days on the orders of the command of our division tried to break out of Ilovaisk in the so-called green corridor, which was allegedly provided by the representatives of the armed forces for withdrawal of Ukrainian troops, but suddenly from both sides of the road, we started to fire heavy artillery of the armed forces. My car was destroyed by an enemy shot, I was wounded. Then went on the offensive the soldiers of the airborne troops of the armed forces, backed by Russian tanks and armored personnel carriers. Among us there were many dead, part of the Ukrainian soldiers the Russians have taken prisoner, but I and a few soldiers managed to escape in the forest. The next morning we went out on the road, where he stopped a civilian car. The driver agreed to take us to the town of Starobeshevo in the hospital, but in the end the car was stopped by militants of the so-called DNR. Me and my friends severely beaten, took the documents, weapons and ammunition as well as money and valuables, and then drove away in an unknown direction. At some roadblock we locked in the basement of a former restaurant. It was a room of about 8 sqm, the conditions for the night was, we sat on the concrete floor with his hands tied, go to the toilet was forbidden to eat and drink did not give. Almost all the time (3 days) I was beaten and abused, tortured: when I lost consciousness, the militants poured water, and then the torture continued. Then I was transferred to Donetsk, contained in the former archive of the SBU in the Donetsk region, where was located the prison of the terrorists. In captivity I was repeatedly questioned, and the “investigator of the DNI” has consistently stressed that he shot at every appropriate opportunity. During interrogation was constantly beaten, attacked with hands, feet and batons. Personally, I was the legfrom which was unbearable pain. During the whole time in captivity, I have never received medical care…”.

Mat soldier named Valery, who was in captivity at fighters 47 day:

“…In August 2014 as part of its military unit has arrived in the town of Ilovaisk, where there were clashes with Pro-Russian terrorists. August 29, 2014 at approximately 10:00, our division was going to withdraw from the area of Ilovaysk on the “green corridor”. When we moved the caravan to the city of Starobeshevo, we were shot at from two sides , military units of the armed forces. At this point I was in a military truck, but after one of the explosions shock wave the car overturned and I was wounded in the right leg. Those of us who survived, got to a village, where I was hiding for a few days. I personally hid the locals (an elderly man and a woman) that also gave me first aid. However, on 3 September, the militants of the so-called DPR in four vehicles drove to a house where me and took. Striking the butt on the head, I was taken to the former detention center of the police Department of the city of Ilovaysk. Almost every day I night stopped by unknown armed men, beaten, tried to strangle him. Sometimes frightened that they will kill, shooting at the ear. In addition, one of methods of psychological pressure was that Russian mercenaries for your own amusement forced prisoners to jump with the words “Hto not jumping – that Moskal …”.

Mat soldier named max, stayed in captivity at fighters 26 days:

“…I was captured during the withdrawal of our troops from Ilovaysk, me and my friends captured military personnel of the armed forces. It was a regular Russian army with lots of tanks, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles and artillery. The Russians put us in covered military trucks in the morning and taken first to the territory of the Russian Federation – I personally saw through the slot machine car track, on which, except us, was driving a civilian car with Russian numbers and Russian police cars, and all road signs were in Russian. The evening of the same day we returned to the Ukraine and moved to the town of Snow Donetsk region, which was controlled by the terrorists of so-called DNR.

For 26 days I was kept in the garage of the local police station, where is also located the headquarters of the militants. Prisoners were constantly used physical force and psychological pressure. Gets much different way humiliated, constantly obscenely abused, starved. One of the hostages handcuffed on the street and was forbidden to feed, he died in front of us … “.

Shocking evidence of the civil – local residents and volunteers, who had been held captive by the militants.

Volunteer Irina, was in captivity for 101 days:

“…At the end of June 2014, our group of volunteers (Boris M., Vladimir M., Viktor K. and I) went to towards the village Zelenopole Luhansk region. On the highway Kharkiv – Dolzhansky near the settlement Rovenky we were detained so-called “Russian Cossacks”, and then drove to the local feed mill, where we were separated, men in one room and me in another. At night I took him outside, where he faked my death. That night I heard in the next room “Cossacks” mocked my friends. The next morning I brought the phone and said I should call relatives and to put forward the terrorists ‘ demands, namely: to withdraw Ukrainian troops from the Russian border. While at my throat holding a knife. Then we were transported to so-called “military commander of DNR” in the town of Anthracite, located in the former premises of the “Party of regions”. There have again started to make fun of me, beaten with hands, feet and a baton. Because I spoke in Ukrainian, was beaten on the head. We handcuffed and chained to the railing of the car, then brought to Gorlovka and in the headquarters of one of the leaders of terrorists with a call sign “Demon”. There my colleagues and thrown into the basement, where there were 3 dead and 2 alive people: Artem, H. and Oleg (surname not remember) that in a few days our eyes were shot. The night we were taken in for questioning, during which carried out acts of torture: pliers, pulled toes, wrapped his head with duct tape, beaten with a hammer on the knees, drilled body, took out the eyes with a knife. After a few days I was released, the terrorists said that it was “a gift to you from the “Devil” on the occasion of giving him the Russian title of “major General” …”.

The taxi driver named Sergei, who was in captivity at fighters 123 days:

“… I was working in the taxi and 20 August 2014 received an order from one of the residents of Lugansk on the removal of his family from the area ATO. When you ran the settlement Zorinsk, I was stopped at the checkpoint, the militants DND. After a short conversation I was accused that I’m meant to be a scout, armed forces of Ukraine and “work at ukrov”, and then was severely beaten and taken to some base of terrorists. There continued to be interrogated and forced to confess that I perform intelligence tasks. I tried to explain that I work in a taxi and it is easy to check, but I again and again was beaten. After some time I moved to another place in the forest where he was tied to a tree and severely beaten again. On the tree I hung all day, saw the barn, which was closed several hostages.

Just for four months I was repeatedly transported to different places, but all were beaten and threatened with execution. I broke several ribs, fingers, I periodically fainted, but that didn’t stop the executioners. The last place of my imprisonment was the basement of the former management of the SBU in the Donetsk region, which the militants turned into a real factory of death …”.

In addition, it should be noted in the SBU also published materials relating to the punishment of rebels and their accomplices for the above atrocities. In particular, currently there are three court verdict, four cases are considered.

It is also added that one of the militants DSHRG “Rusich” involved in the death of the Ukrainian military, has been eliminated.

The SBU has promised to pass the received information to the defenders.