Videos from devouring itself snake has sparked discussion on the Internet

MOSCOW, 2 Jan — RIA Novosti. In a Network there was video where snake is trying to swallow itself. Staff shared YouTube channel ViralHog.

In the video, the British commented on the strange behavior of the reptile, calling it “stupid snake”. Then he puts the animal on his neck.

“This is zmierenie” — he joked.

Such behavior has angered Internet users.

“This vile video. How you have to be naive to think that it’s funny that it’s stupid, when they are to blame, they (snakes. — Approx. ed.) is doing with him,” wrote Aviation Compilation.

Another user explained what was the reason for samopoznanie reptile’s.

“When the snakes gets too hot, they get confused and desorientated. Their rapid metabolism also leads to false hunger, and thus they begin to want to eat the first thing that catches the eye. In General, snakes in captivity live alone and they are not given enough food in such a situation. As a result they have to attack themselves, devouring its own tail,” said Akrudibum Rum.

Earlier in a Network there was video of a fierce battle snakes and a Gecko.