Kim Jong-UN announced the completion of the nuclear forces of the DPRK

MOSCOW, 1 Jan — RIA Novosti. DPRK leader Kim Jong UN warned that he has on the table is the nuclear button. Such a statement he made during a new year address to the citizens of the DPRK, which was broadcast by Central television.

According to Kim Jong-UN, the nuclear powers will allow North Korea to keep the USA in their aspiration to “start a war” with the DPRK.

The North Korean leader also stressed that the whole territory of the United States will be in the affected area, if Pyongyang decides a nuclear strike.

Kim Jong UN also announced that the DPRK had completed the establishment of a national nuclear forces. He also praised the progress in the development of the missile programme, and said that the country is currently in the final stage of preparation for a new test launch of an Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

In addition, Kim Jong-UN has complained about the increased pressure on North Korea, but urged to accelerate the production of nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula escalated dramatically in 2017. North Korea has conducted multiple missile tests and conducted a nuclear test, prompting criticism from the international community and the strengthening of sanctions.

Earlier, Russia and China offered the DPRK to declare a moratorium on nuclear tests and missile launches, and South Korea and the United States to refrain from conducting exercises in the region to stabilize the situation on the Peninsula, but in Washington, this initiative was ignored.
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