The taking of hostages in Kharkov: the attacker let go of people and surrendered to the police

KIEV, 30 Dec — RIA Novosti. Unknown man on Saturday, New year’s eve, seized the branch of “Ukrposhta” in Kharkov, taking hostages, according to preliminary data, more than ten people. The attacker told the police he had explosives, which he threatened to blow up in case of default of its requirements.

To the RAID to free the hostages was brought a considerable force medics and police, including special forces and snipers. After about five hours of negotiation the police took the victims to release all hostages and to detain the malefactor.
New year PE

On Saturday afternoon the Ukraine, which is already in full swing preparing for the celebration of the New year, has stirred up the news about the seizure of hostages at the post office in Kharkov. According to the press service of the police in Kharkiv region, the message about seizing mail received by the line “102” at 14.40 (15.40 GMT). The call came from the husband of one of the workers of the post office.

Thus a press-the Secretary of national police of Ukraine Yaroslav was Trakalo in comments to Ukrainian media reported that unknown persons seized the post office, said that he had a bomb, which he was ready to blow. Also the police had information that during the occupation of the premises the men were the subject, “like a gun”. The police immediately took the post office in the cordon. By order of the first Deputy interior Minister Sergei Yarovoy to the scene in Kharkov, the plane went the additional forces of special forces of national police of Ukraine CORD. Also, according to the police, around occupied premises was taken under the control of a sniper special forces group.

According to the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, member of the Board of the interior Ministry Anton Gerashchenko, in parallel with negotiations, the police invited the attacker to surrender, otherwise the police have threatened to conduct a violent seizure during which the offender could be eliminated.

Gerashchenko added that the invader initially wanted to Rob a post office. However, when in the course of the robbery, someone from the staff had to call the police, the criminal realized that would not be able to get away with the loot, and decided to take everyone present hostage.

The police chief of Kharkiv region Oleg Beha, reported that according to preliminary information, the hostages could be nine adults and two children.

“The number of people we do not know at the moment there is information that among the hostages there are nine adults and two children, but this information has not yet been confirmed,” said beh in the comments of the Ukrainian television immediately after the media published news about the incident in Kharkiv.

However, he added that the police was not in possession of supporting information about whether the offender brought the explosives and if he had a weapon.
Requirements are not announced

Taking people hostage, the attacker was not able to articulate clear requirements for law enforcement officers. According to Beha, the man kept in touch with police by phone hostage and not put forward any specific requirements, behaved calmly.

Some three hours later, after seizing the post office, press Secretary of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said about the liberation of part of the hostages.

“Only that the head of the SBU reported to the President about the release of five hostages in Kharkov. It’s three women and two children,” — wrote Sviatoslav Tseholko in his Twitter. Later, the head of national police of Ukraine Sergey Knyazev said that among those released two children 11 and 13 years old. Released was moved to a safe place. According to police, the release of people have been following the negotiations.

The Prince reported that the police bring to the negotiation process of the father of the attacker who seized mail.
Opened the case

The police of Ukraine, without waiting for the arrest of the offender, initiated on the fact of events in the Department of “Ukrposhta” criminal case.

“In fact the incident at the post office Kharkov opened criminal proceedings under part two of article 147 (capture of hostages) Criminal code,” — said the interior Ministry of Ukraine in his Twitter account.

The maximum sanction under this article provides for punishment of imprisonment for 15 years.
The victims managed to escape

The offender was able to keep hostages captive for about five hours, around 19.30 (20.00 GMT) President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said about the release of all hostages and the arrest of the attacker.

“All hostages in Kharkov was liberated, invader arrested. Thank you for the good work of employees of national police and the security service of Ukraine”, — wrote Poroshenko on Saturday in the microblog in Twitter.

Poroshenko said that he instructed the local authorities to provide necessary assistance to the victims.

The Governor of Kharkiv oblast Yulia Svetlichnaya wrote in Facebook, that now, with the release of relatives begin to work psychologists and physicians.

The head of national police of Ukraine Sergey Knyazev said that the detention of the criminal has passed without loss. “Detained without loss. Victims are not present” — gave the press service of the national police of Ukraine the words Knyazev.

Details of detention of the criminal and his identity is still unknown, as well as the exact number of hostages.
Polite criminal

After the RAID, the media became aware of the interesting details of how the offender was detained in captivity for the hostages. According to one of the boys, released from captivity, the man is constantly offering his hostages, coffee and tea.

“He was offered coffee and tea there, but you never know what he put there,” said the boy journalists, video, which on Saturday appeared in the Ukrainian media.

Also the guy told me that the man had donned the items, who called explosives, and constantly repeated that “if the police would not listen to him, he’ll blow it.” According to the boy, “explosives” was a two bottles of some kind of mixture inside, and they glowed blue.